Curriculum Materials

BooksForTeachersClassroomsCurriculum Materials by Elizabeth Duncan and Rae Harris:

Coming Soon from “Pieces of Learning Press”

  • Explorations in Science:  Extension Projects for Gifted and High Ability Students
  • Explorations in Social Studies: Extension Projects for Gifted and High Ability Students

Our curriculum materials help intermediate grade teachers differentiate instruction for the student who quickly masters classroom material. It makes independent activities easily available to use in the mixed-ability classroom.

Explorations focus on two content areas:

  • science (life science, earth science and physical science)
  • social studies (history, geography, civics and economics.)

In addition, Explorations includes supplementary materials that support the implementation of the projects in the classroom.

The directed learning experiences give the student an opportunity to dig more deeply into the content. Thoughtful, rigorous “Important Questions” direct the study and are incorporated into the project. Each exploration guides the student through the research process and project completion.

Rae Harris and I are two veteran teachers and curriculum specialists who have worked with gifted children throughout our careers. We first developed these kinds of projects for use in our own schools. Explorations offers a unique, teacher-friendly approach to differentiating for intermediate gifted and high ability learners.

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