Florence Sabin

Teacher, Scientist, Humanitarian

  • Ages 10 and up
  • 66 pages
  • Illustrated
  • Paperback
  • Publication date: 2014
  • Now You Know Bio Series

Quote from Book:

“The Sabin Health Laws were just one of Florence Sabin’s accomplishments. Dr. Sabin had three separate and important careers—as a university professor, as a research scientist, and as a public health advocate. During her lifetime, she was called “the greatest living woman scientist.”
-from Florence Sabin: Teacher, Scientist, Humanitarian

About the Book:

Florence Sabin was born in Central City, Colorado, during the gold rush years. From humble beginnings, she defied the social conventions of the time and went to college and medical school. During her lifetime, she was a working scientist and teacher at two leading medical institutions—Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Rockefeller Institute. In retirement, she moved back to Colorado and wrote Colorado’s public health laws. Dr. Sabin never stopped learning, never stopped teaching, and never stopped thinking about improving public health. In acknowledgement of her contributions to science, a statue of Florence Sabin represents Colorado in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol in Washington D. C.

Author’s Note:

Florence Sabin was well known as “the woman scientist” during her lifetime. When I read interviews about her, the reporters nearly always mentioned her boundless energy and her twinkling blue eyes. When I was writing the book, I could almost imagine her sitting next to me, intense and interested in what I would come up with next. I hoped to capture her independent spirit, her unconventional choices and her keen intellect and wit.

Florence Sabin’s statue represents Colorado in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol in Washington D. C. Out of the 100 statues (2 from each state) Dr. Sabin’s statue is one of six women and four doctors in Statuary Hall. (Photo Credit: E. E. Duncan)