Ralph Carr

Defender of Japanese Americans

Great Lives in Colorado Series by E. E. Duncan

  • Ages 8 to 10
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • 69 pages
  • Paperback
  • Publication date: 2011

Quote from Book:

“Colorado Governor Ralph Carr stood up for his beliefs. He believed that people should not be judged by the way they looked. He knew all Americans had rights. He fought against the prejudice and discrimination that Japanese Americans experienced during World War II.”
-from Ralph Carr: Defender of Japanese Americans

About the Book:

Ralph Carr was born in a Colorado mining town in 1887. He became a lawyer and enjoyed studying the foundations of America and the Constitution. He was elected governor of Colorado during World War II. In a time of fear and prejudice against Japanese Americans, he believed that they should have the same rights as all other Americans. His stand on this issue cost him the election. He is admired today for standing up for what was right, even when it was not popular.

Author’s Note:

In 1999, the Denver Post chose one person to name as their “Person of the Century.” Out of all the extraordinary people in Colorado’s history, they chose Ralph Carr. The more I learned about Ralph Carr, the more I admired the way he spoke about and lived out his beliefs. Once, he hoisted a Japanese American boy onto his hip and declared that the boy had as much right to be the governor of Colorado as himself. He hired a Japanese American housekeeper while others feared for their lives when they were in the same state. Compassion, kindness and level-headed common sense defined Governor Ralph Carr.

Reader Review:

“Author E. E. Duncan’s engaging writing brings this complex hero to life,
while opening the door for discussions of racism and discrimination.” 

Amazon 5 Star Review For Ralph Carr Biography By . E. E. Duncan


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Ralph Carr was Colorado’s governor during World War II. (Picture courtesy of Denver Public Library, Western History Collection)